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We recommend you build your Hazard Perception Skills by using DriveSmart. DriveSmart is a free online training product that can help you become a better, safer driver.

DriveSmart accelerates your learning of skills, such as scanning and hazard perception, as you prepare to take your probationary licence test.

The online training program takes you through a range of interactive driving scenarios and quizzes, asking you to make judgements on safe driving practices and increasing your skills in the process. It's the perfect partner to the hands-on experience you get practising in a car.

Three years of research conducted by the Monash University Accident Research Centre using state-of-the- art driving simulators has gone into the development of DriveSmart. Scientific studies have shown that completing the program will help you significantly to develop safer driving skills.

To access DriveSmart click on the following link: DriveSmart

Here are 7 Hazard Perception Test Scenarios for you to practice (Click on the Link below)

South Australian Hazard Perception Test (Demonstration)" Hazard Perception Test (Demonstration)

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Call us on (03) 9872 4600
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