Driving tips

A really good driver must be able to deal with the unexpected – from hazards and changing weather conditions to other cars and road users. And the only way you can do this is by getting lots of varied experience before you get your licence. Research shows that the more practice you get in different conditions, the lower your risk of being involved in an accident once your licensed. For example, learners with 120 hours of practice have been found to decrease their accident risk by 30% after licensing. If you need any assistance, remember we’re just a phone call away. You may be considering your Hazard Perception Test, an essential part of getting your Licence in Victoria. It’s a computerised test that accesses your Hazard Perception Skills before graduating to your P’s.

Hazard Perception, or Low Risk Driving, is being able to identify potential crash situations before it is too late. This includes pedestrians crossing the road, cyclists, road works, building sites, other vehicles stopping in front of you or entering from side roads and many other dangerous situations that present hazards.

We’ll teach you how to anticipate where hazards are or where they are likely to occur so you don’t get into dangerous situations. Research is showing that if young drivers are able to develop skills in identifying hazards in the driving environment, they will become safer and more competent drivers.

You can improve your Hazard Perception Skills by following the link on our "Hazard Perception Test". It is designed to make you a better, safer driver by helping you develop your Hazard Perception skills. Remember we’re here to make it easier for you.

If you’re wanting to get your licence shortly it’s a good idea to book a couple of lessons so we can check your ability in different driving conditions and make sure you’re ready for your licence test. Remember, once you’re on your P’s you’ll be on your own.

Keep in touch, we’re here for your assistance! If you see us on the road give us a wave and say hello!

Best regards,

Rob & Herbie Lester